We are well aware that divorce is often one of the most difficult and challenging experiences in an individual’s life. We want to ease your worries  and support you every step of the way.



You may wish to consult with our firm before you are even ready to file for divorce, to begin pre-divorce planning. We can help you gain more understanding of the process, and learn what you should be doing to prepare for the divorce and when you should file.

Whether you are planning to divorce, ready to file for divorce, or have received notice that your spouse is filing, you will learn at your first consultation with us that the Law Office of Robert S. Hoffman is devoted to offering a high level of personal service to you, based on many years of experience and a genuine concern with your situation. 

We are particularly experienced in handling cases involving complex property division. Because Robert Hoffman worked for a large firm for 22 years and was a partner in the firm for 15 of those years, he acquired a great deal of information from colleagues with practices in many other areas of the law from corporate to finance to trusts and estates to real estate to oil and gas leases, etc.—all issues that often appear in complex property cases.

We also believe in a comprehensive, team approach and are ready, if necessary, to call on a network of topnotch professionals, ranging from financial appraisers to forensic accountants to real estate analysts to mental health professionals and counselors to consult on your case or to testify if a trial occurs.

We will guide you through:

  • The initial filing, or response to spouse’s filing

  • The judge’s temporary orders

  • The discovery process

  • Settlement negotiations

  • Mediation, or, if need be,

  • Trial.

  • Post-divorce: make sure the settlement or final rulings are implemented, the trusts and limited partnerships are unwound, the real estate is transferred; in other words, follow-through is complete.

Going to trial is never a first choice, but at the Law Office of Robert S. Hoffman we do not shy away from litigation if it is obviously the best route for our client. We are always ready and prepared to go to trial.

We know this will be an emotional time for you. Our role is to support and empathize but, more importantly for your sake, to take a professional, practical, common-sense approach to solving your problem. We will help you identify the difficult issues in the divorce and bring in whatever resources are needed to fully represent your side of the case.


Learn more about specific ways we might be able to help you:

Complex Property and Asset Division

Many divorces these days entail the division of extremely complicated business structures of all kinds. Each situation is different, but our multi-faceted experience prepares us to deal effectively with every conceivable type of property.

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