My desire to work with the best is driven by my desire to get the best results.
— Walter Schouten

Walter has been practicing family law since 2014 but has worked in the family law field since 2009.  In that time, he has worked with, for, and against some of the best family law attorneys in Houston on high-conflict child custody disputes, high-net worth marital estates, and high-profile divorce litigation. This has given him a knowledge of the law and facility in the courtroom of a much more senior attorney.

Walter’s desire to work with the best is driven by his desire to get the best results, which has been the case since the beginning of his legal career: he graduated summa cum laude from South Texas College of Law and at the top of his graduating class, earning the highest grade in multiple courses along the way, all while working as a law clerk at a boutique family law firm in Houston.

Since then, he has continued on this path by achieving victories for his clients, who benefit from his practical, level-headed, and results-driven approach. A small sampling of these victories include:

  • Achieving victory for a father in a highly contested interstate custody battle;

  • Getting custody for a father who had been alienated from his daughter by her grandparents, who previously had custody of her;

  • Getting a court to allow a mother to move with her child to a location beyond the standard geographical area that courts impose in the vast majority of cases—generally a very difficult feat;

  • Retaining custody for a mother who had been falsely accused of viciously assaulting her daughter;

  • Retaining custody for a mother who had been falsely accused of child abuse and neglect;

  • Obtaining 100% of the marital estate for a woman whose husband defrauded her out millions of dollars of marital property.

Walter brings this track record, and the approach that led to it, to the Law Office of Robert S. Hoffman, making him a valuable asset to the firm’s clients.